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We offer assistance with:

401K Rollovers
Individual and Family Plans

Final Expense (Burial Insurance)
Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (Medigap)

Low-Income Medi-Cal Spend Down Assistance


New to Medicare or over 65, retiring and losing group insurance?
We can help you answer typical questions about Medicare like:
Does Medicare pay for prescription drugs?
Can I see my same doctor and specialists?
What’s the difference between Part A and Part B?
Does Medicare cover dental, vision or hearing benefits?
Does Medicare cover me when I travel in or outside the US?

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On low income Medi-Cal and have a share of cost? We can help you with your spend down program

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We specialize in Medicare solutions and offer a wide range of options from many carriers to help you find the best fit. It's important to understand the choices you have in plans and how those choices can affect your health and budget.

Why Call Us? We are independent and have access to major carriers and help educate you on your different options. We will work with you to get quality coverage that makes sense. We believe that everyone should have access to information they need to feel confident about making an educated decision about their healthcare.

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