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Meet Our Team








Co-Founder & Licensed Agent:

I am a proud co-founder of Supplemental Health Insurance Services, LLC. This journey has not only afforded me the privilege to create employment opportunities within our community but has also provided a platform for forging meaningful connections.


At our agency, our goal is straightforward: to find you the most coverage for the least amount of money. We simplify complexities as we guide you through the insurance landscape. Recognizing that the realm of insurance can often seem overwhelming, our agency and staff are wholeheartedly committed to providing you with education about the specific products you request. Our aim is to empower you to make the best-informed decision, ultimately saving you time and money.


This dedication is woven into our meticulous process, which involves assessing your current situation and deeply understanding your needs. By doing so, we aim to skillfully align you with the products that perfectly meet your unique requirements.


On a personal note, my journey spans over 20 years of marriage to an amazing partner Scott Tinsley, rooted in the community of Merced where I was born and raised. My family includes a cherished son and a delightful array of fur babies. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy practicing Tai Chi, a good show on Netflix, spending time with my family, traveling throughout the US, visiting different countries, and immersing myself in different cultures. I also hold a deep passion for volunteering and giving back whenever the opportunity arises.


Our agency is firmly committed to staying at the forefront of the industry's dynamic changes through continuous education for dedicated insurance professionals. This commitment ensures that our agency remains well-equipped to provide you with the latest insights, knowledge, and guidance that you truly deserve.


Customer Service & Licensed Agent:

Hey there, I'm Marsha – your go-to gal at the office and guess what? I wear many hats! I'm not just the office assistant; one of my roles is to provide you with top-notch customer service and assist with your general inquiries. Got a pesky bill to sort out and need some guidance? Or are you looking to have a chat with one of our agents? I'm also the master scheduler for our office, ensuring everyone stays on track so our office runs like a well-oiled machine. If these tasks align with your needs, then you've definitely found the right person! Just give me a ring on extension 1.

On more of a personal note, Merced, CA is my beloved hometown, and I wear that badge proudly. But here's the real scoop: I've got a soft spot for every cat on this planet. Yes, you read that right!! If you're a wandering feline in need of a feast, my place is your place. Also, speaking of staying busy, crafting is where the real magic happens for me. Glitter, sparkles, and all things shiny – count me in!


Feel free to swing by and say hello, but if possible, don't forget to book that appointment first - we've all got schedules to juggle!



Licensed Agent:

Hello there, I'm Craig Dumaguing, proudly serving as one of your licensed insurance agents. Merced County is my lifelong home, where I've both lived and worked. Since 2014, I've been sharing a joyful marriage and raising two wonderful children—though if you include our lovable pups, it's a bustling household of six so my days are kept lively and fulfilling by my wife, children and furry companions.

I take great delight in assessing client situations and seamlessly pairing them with products that impeccably suit their needs. Witnessing genuine improvements in their circumstances is a rewarding experience for me.

Guiding people from every corner of life is something I deeply value. My ultimate aim is to infuse confidence into each interaction, providing exceptional assistance that leaves our clients feeling truly empowered, educated and supported.

My commitment to helping others drives me forward, ensuring I continue this meaningful journey for many years to come.


Payroll Department:

Hello, I'm Annette Goodell, and I run the payroll department. But that's not all – I also work on the odds and ends around the office while lending a hand to our fantastic office crew.

Outside of the office, my heart belongs to my family – I'm a proud spouse, and parent to four awesome kids. Since 1999, I've been proudly calling the Merced area home sweet home. Also, I absolutely love cooking, baking, and camping with my family. Spending time with my family is something I just can’t get enough of especially my grandkids!

I enjoy meeting our customers who walk through our door whether they are new to our office or have been with our insurance family for several years.  I also love connecting with and supporting the amazing individuals who make our workplace a buzzing hive of activity.